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Distinguished retail design solutions that garner the attention you demand.

Years of experience in the luxury brand market, founded by marketing and merchandising professionals.

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Impress and excite customers with high-end visual marketing elements designed to elicit a powerfully positive audience response.

We collaborate with top global brands that expect only the best from a team that brings the right amount of experience, vision, and innate talent. Work with Blomet from concept through production and reporting.


Shop Fitting

Producing furniture locally as well as off-shore based on your specifications including one-off orders or bulk production.

Let us manage the entire process, from furnishing and equipment acquisition through displays and installation – leaving your shop operation-ready.



Providing high-end production solutions paired with exceptional customer service to help you realize your marketing objectives.

We offer exquisite display designs and complete installation, handling each and every fine detail from look and functionality through location and placement.



Executing event calls for meticulous organization and on-your-feet problem solving. Blomet delivers on this and more with a multi-disciplined team trusted by some of the most prestigious retail brands.

Ensure flawless execution and the wow factor you expect from luxury market experts.


Window Display

Attract pedestrians and passers by with captivating window displays that are crafted and executed to perfection.

We implement your vision, offering the knowledge you need to set the right tone, tell the right story, and intrigue foot traffic.


Digital Printing

Blomet offers a range of digital inkjet printing services to cater for all your print, display and POS requirements.

Our team of designers will handle everything from graphic design and artwork preparation to production, distribution and installation - all executed to the highest standard.

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Founder CEO

Julien Chucha

Forming Blomet in 2015 after a decade in the Luxury Retail Design industry, I have brought together a A-team.

Uniting talents to form a winner team allowing Blomet to achieve amazing results.

Project Manager

Joaquin Perdomo

An aesthetic eye for detail and an invaluable technical skill set Joaquin to manage and work across a variety of projects.

His background in Industrial Design Engineering and Project Management allows him to deliver successful outcomes of the highest standard of design and quality projects while ensuring that the client’s objectives are met or exceeded.

Production Manager

Nathan Henderson

After years of experience starting off in screen printing and moving in to digital print production, Nathan ensures that production quality is high and delivered on time, no matter what our clients need.

When he’s not working on his own designs, you can find him in a dusty crate digging for vinyl.

Project Manager


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